MYFX Console

The premium trading console for Metatrader 4

Supporting Coaches / Educators

The following coaches & education providers are supporting the MYFX Console, and purchase MYFX licenses for some or all of their users. Contact them now to request your license.

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Ultimate Swing Trader

MYFX License provided to new swing trader clients*Conditions apply



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Time-Based Momentum Trading©

BreakOut Buster (BOB) is a time-based momentum trading system with high probability ratios.  By focusing trading energies around specific time periods each day we place ourselves in the most effective position to capitalize profits as quickly as possible.

MYFX for FREE with BOB!
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Fire up your Trading with Firepips

Receive your Free MYFX Console when you become a member of FirePips
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Everything we do is at Vertue Trading is guided by a set of principles that define the character and culture of our organisation; these principles have been at the core of our business since its inception. 
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FXO is a trading system designed to introduce new and intermediate level traders to the Forex market using easy to follow, mechanical rule-based strategies. It consists of five highly developed professional strategies. including two which display exact entry levels via on-screen alerts. Three advanced strategies introduce chart pattern recognition and discretionary entries. All strategies are managed automatically via specially formulated FXO expert advisors. Check out this true "set and forget" trading system at
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Now Offering MYFX

Please visit us at to enquire.

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---- Now offering MYFX to clients ----
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