MYFX Console

The premium trading console for Metatrader 4


"MYFX is a long awaited interface and a fantastic product" - Bradley, Australia.

"MYFX is a great piece of software that will get better and I would not hesitate to recommend it to fellow traders." - Genevieve, Singapore

"Used the product this morning when trading non-farm payroll and it worked like a champion." - Michael, USA

"The software allows me greater control over the way I trade and also presents different angles to place or manage your trades. I trade a system that requires hugely varying SL’s at times, this means that I trade by percentage of risk per trade. MYFX makes this seamless for me. Once I have open trades the UI is simple but effective in the information it delivers. The execution speed is instant and the connection and stability of the connection, to the brokers is excellent.

In short MYFX is now core to my trading requirements and my broker strategy will wrap around this as the product is perfect for me" - Mike

"You have a great product that I’m a huge fan of, and compared to the problems I had with Ninja Trader, MYFX is 99% perfect!" - David, Australia

"I'd just like to say I appreciate the product you've made. It's very professional, excellently thought out.

MT4 is a program that I could have many complaints about in that managing trades and positions is not easy, and for multiple open positions it's terrible! What you've done is made everything as MT4 should be. It's quality software" - Rohan, Australia

"It’s fantastic software! You have done well, very happy with it" - Avril, Australia

"I’ve upgraded based on the described updates. I like it!!! Thanks…." - Rod

"The console is indeed very good. I have recommended to a few other traders." - Patrick

"…Then it all worked! So, all good. Must say your videos are great. I’ve become relient on MYFX now, cant image trading without it." - John

"I’ve been trialing MYFX for a couple of days and it’s really good. It has replaced all my MT4 script." - Sanji

"I remember sending some feedback on features I'd find useful and I think most of them have now been implemented. Can't get better customer service than that !" - Andrew, United Kingdom

"Thank you very much, everything went very smooth! Already enjoying using MyFx, big thumbs up from me." - Loes

"I truly love the MYFX program and I see it is essential to any Metatrader platform." - Carlton, United States