MYFX Console

The premium trading console for Metatrader 4


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MYFX Overview

Installing MYFX

MYFX Basics

MYFX Trade Manager

MYFX Execution Speed

MYFX OCO, Global Mandate and Customizable Website Features

Using Stop Losses with MYFX

Using the Risk Feature with MYFX

Installing MYFX when Metatrader is not in C:

SPI200 and MYFX

Setting up a 2nd MT4 with the same broker (advanced)

Changing Metatrader Profiles

Using 2 MYFX Consoles on 2 computers with 1 Metatrader account

Are the stops and take profits held with the Broker or Me

Troubleshooting with MYFX

Baseline Test

What takes precedence with stop losses and managers

Stop Loss Move

Break Even Feature

Trailing Stop Function