MYFX Console

The premium trading console for Metatrader 4

MYFX FAQ Section

How much does MYFX cost?

Licenses for MYFX cost $249 per year. There are separate fees should you wish to use the auto trading signals. If you are interested in autotrading, please email

Can I connect to multiple mt4’s at one time?

MYFX works with all MT4 Brokers. However at this stage you can only connect MYFX to 1 MT4 Installation at a time.

Are my take profit (TP) and stop loss (SL) still with the broker?

Yes your hard stop, take profit (the ones shown in the trading grid), and pending orders are all stored at your broker just like normal, therefore should not require MYFX to be active. On the other hand, the 4 TP levels in the manager are held on your computer, not with your MYFX, Metatrader and computer all to be on and working for successful use. The 4 TP’s in the Manager are hidden from the Broker.

Does MYFX allow for Micro lot sizes?

MYFX Supports any lot sizes that your broker supports

Does MYFX interfere with any of my Profiles or Templates in MetaTrader4?

When installing MYFX it will not overwrite any of your existing Profiles or templates, it will add 1 EA and 1 Template.

How does MYFX execute trades?

MYFX does not communicate directly with your Broker, It purely connects to the MT4 on your PC. MYFX Sends the order to MT4 which then executes at your Broker, the trade then appears in your MT4 which is then replicated in MYFX.

I am not getting price feed on a symbol however my broker has that symbol.

Check in your MetaTrader that you have all the FX Symbols showing in the ‘Market Watch’ window. To do this right click in ‘Market Watch’ and select ‘Show all’.

Can I move my license?

If you would like to move your license to another computer please email MYFX Support.

How do I download the latest version of MYFX?

Located in the MYFX console there is a tab called ‘MY.MYFX’ . By clicking ‘Download MYFX‘ from the menu will begin a download of the latest available version of MYFX.

How do I change my password?

Located in the MYFX console there is a tab called ‘MY.MYFX’. By clicking ‘Change Password’ from the menu will allow you to update your password to one of your choice.